Tuesday, May 19, 2015

2015 Week One - Still Don't Like Howie

We opened the 2015 with a disappointing sweep against the Reds.

In Game One, we gave up at least eight unearned runs, and by we, I mean Doug.


We lost 12-5 and our highlight was the first run of the season scored thanks to my amazing wheels, and a home run by Tommy Mitchell. We also added yet another guy named Michael, and Hanley was bringing it in the chatter department, which I loved.

Game Two was not much better, and we lost 8-5. Dewey had minor hiccups on the mound, but pitched a good game, and Mike MacDonald arrived like a knight in shining armor right before we started.

We did, however, set a new team record with I believe five double plays turned.

The full schedule has been released and it is

May 31 vs Morning Wood @ Smith 3
June 7 vs Courtesy Flush @ Smith 2
June 14 - offweek/bye
June 21  vs Moe Howard @ Smith 1
June 28 vs Titans @ Smith 2
July 5 - OFF for holiday
July 12 vs Bombers @ Smith 2

I like having the Titans and Bombers at the end, when we tend to be better, unless people have moved away.

I will see everyone in two weeks.

Current Standings (according to Sully)
Morning Wood 2 - 0
Reds 2 - 0
Titans 2 - 0
Bombers 0 - 0
Courtesy Flush 0 - 2
Renegades 0 - 2
Moe Howard 0 - 2

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Season ends, as Titans sweep us.

We lost to a good team, with a bunch of good guys. The season had many highlights and overall, it was the best Renegade ball in years.

Today Carl pitched a no-hitter, but his WHIP was infinity, then I came in and got Titaned around. They hit solid through their line-up, as they always do--and today we didn't. Next year can't come soon enough after a great year, we should be even stronger.

Here are the final stats:

Monday, July 28, 2014

Playoff Sweep

This weekend we swept an undermanned but entertaining Morning Wood.

In Game One, Dewey was masterful on the hill and the defense was rock solid, especially in the LF/CF/SF region, but not so much at SS.

In Game Two, we played with only nine guys and Tim got the job done on the bump.

Other highlights

- Mondo's home run with the greatest slide of the year

- Doug walked. And walked. And walked. And walked. And walked. And walked.

- Mike McDonald risking divorce to be at Game One

- Hiding under a tree to escape rain, only for Dave to point out that it was the worst place to be in case of lightning

- Several bad calls by the ump

- Ben's bat heating up just in time for him to miss next week

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Renegades soften wood, sweep Round One Play-off Series for their 7th Straight win

Next up, The Titans. Remember them?

Stats galore....a lot of walks. Doug adds six walks to his season total and Tim's generous leaving for a pinch runner, adds three runs to Dewey's total. Dwayne gets his first hits with baseball pants, a bunch of them and Mondo homers.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Renegades win fake round robin tournment

Yes, we beat Reds and Titans (first time in over ten years) to finish with a sweep and take the Round Robin which never happened because of field issues. The Round Robin Tournament was two games, winners play winners.

Dewey and Carl cemented the wins on the mound, with Tim getting an old man waiver and didn't pitch for the first time in over ten years. We finished the regular season 10-5-1--best record since our last and only championship.

We jump into the play-offs next week against Morning Wood, with Bombers and Titans getting byes.

Morning Wood vs. Renegades
Moe Howard vs. Reds

STATS--click it!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Big Sweep for Ringerages

Today's MVPs  for Great hitting, pitching and recruiting.

Grey Dewey
and Ben Czarnecki

We welcomed back alumni Andy Katurski (spelling?) and Brandon Nadeau along with newbies AJ at short, T.O. (hitting a homer), Dave Cunningham, Jimmy (Mr. Adventuretime). Thanks very much for your contributions at the very windy Wrigley Field...er, Candlestick Park...er, Smith Field.

The games themselves had us in early leads with the very well behaved Moe Howard coming back middling innings before both games were put away. Surprisingly, no arguments or bad banter today, which made it an enjoyable day, regardless of the sweep.

Every fly ball and popup was a circus, but we prevailed 12-8 and 7-5.  It looked kind of like




OK, stats--'
Next week Round-Robin, whatever that means...


Moe Howard
Morning Wood