Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just your typical sweep.

I saw Tim's post (it is below this) and he did not begin to do this weekend justice.

This weekend we played Moe Howard, which, as always beings games with Mark. Things got off to a good start when Brian asserted himself as a true Renegade by running directly into Mark when he pulled his "I am going to stand in the way of homeplate" garbage that almost lead to his murder at Andy's hands years ago. As the ass kicking began, the blood began to boil. Tim pitched a gem, and Roly entered the record books with the league's first ever disallowed walkoff grand slam turned bases loaded base hit with no RBI's when Dwayne mistakenly lead everyone to believe that the game was over when we were up 15.

Game 2 got ugly. The bats stayed hot and Joe came in throwing with the speed of a man half his age (100/2 = about 50). Michael, possibly the politest member of the team, was ejected when Mark mouthed off after he ran to a base with a person on it and harmlessly bumped him. Word on the street is that Michael called Mark an asshole, but I cannot confirm. Warnings were issued, and the manager handled it with his usual grace. Later, Mark chose the absolute right person and drilled Tim in the ass, leading to his ejection, and the game being played under protest. It actually ended up being a fun game, with the Renegades taking home another much needed win.

Next weekend I believe that we have the Titans, and Roly, myself, and Tim are all out. Shane is in charge and I do not want anyone else getting tossed. Michael has his suspension hearing on Wednesday at 7pm in the league office.
Two slaughter wins, 15-1 and 14-4.
Two ejections.
One hit batsman.
Moe Howard = MH = Mental Health. There are reasons people get banned from every softball league they're in (except ours).

Rule of thumb: Only talk to a baseball or a softball if it's going to talk back. 

We are now 6-4 and move on to play the Titans without our two best hitters. If you don't believe me check the stats!


  1. Tom Mitchell is in charge of next week's blog.

  2. Wow, I miss a week and miss all the excitement. Would have loved to see Mark ejected!

    Unfortunately, I am out this week as well.