Friday, July 1, 2011



Team Names            W-L                      
Titans                        7-1                          
 Dot Rats                    6-2                   
Reds                          6-2
Renegades                 4-4 
Moe Howards            4-4
Brighton Allstars         3-5
 Bombers                    2-6  
Courtesy Flush           0-8

On Scotty's page they didn't list our two losses to Dot Rats so I added them to both teams records. They also had the Allstars at 1-5 but after doing the math and calculating that the combined records of all teams were +2, tthe All-Stars should be 3-5 to even the league's W-L differential.

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  1. Thanks for confirming what I thought were the correct W-L totals for each team, Tim.