Sunday, May 20, 2012


When "well, no one got hurt" is the best thing you can say, you know you had a bad weekend.

We were swept by the Dot Rats, and I did not bother to figure out the final scores of these games. Sloppy defense, a lack of timely (or any) hitting, and downright poor leadership (who strikes out looking in their first AB of the season?) lead to this debacle.

In Game One, Mighty Joe was smacked around both literally and figuratively and we were slaughtered in 5 innings. The hitting was so poor and the game so quick that the bottom third each only stepped into the box once, with Dwayne's AB resulting in the aforementioned backwards K.
Dwayne gets caught looking

Game Two found Tim on the hill, and, as much as I hate to say it, he pitched better than the score will dictate. Sloppy defense, and a case of them simply hitting em where we weren't lead to another loss.

I don't really remember many positives. We had a good number of people. Gray stepped up and caught the second game, looking good in the Captain America mask. Andrew made a nice catch at one point, and we welcomed new faces Freddy, Kenny, Aaron, to go along with Gray.

Thanks to people who did not get as much playing time as they may have liked for being so calm and patient about it. Tim will post the awful stats later, and we play again in two weeks at Smith Field against The Bombers.

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