Sunday, May 13, 2012

2012 Season Preview

After a disappointing end to the 2011, the Renegades bounce back in 2012.

The team will once again be lead by their captain and fearless leader Dwayne who will bat himself in the bottom third of the order and make nice with umps so that Tim can get the occasional call. Also back on the hill is Joe, who will attempt to play every position during the same at bat this season. Quirk rounds out one of the league's most unathleti batteries.

Infield defense should be a team strength with Roly at first, Michael R (assuming he stops crying about his elbow) at second, Doug trying to backhand everything at SS and Phil at third. Freddie has been added for depth and to make sure we have as many people to piss Howie off as possible.

The OF is the usual S-show with some combo of Andrew, Shane, Mike M, Ben, Mal, Kennie, and a random homeless guy holding it down.

The season kicks off on the 20th at CC against the always competitive Dot Rats. Hopefully we have ten guys to start.

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