Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week Two: That's More Like It

Well, after a tango with Courtesy Flush (a nice group of guys) we find ourselves 2-2.

Honey, The Renegades won!
Game One's offensive onslaught was led by Shane's 2 HR, including a majestic shot that had the Flush questioning both the bat and the ball. Joe pitched well with a lead, and we took the game 14-4. After begging to be added as an EH, Tim went 0-2 with a walk. Phil did a great job filling in at the leadoff spot, going 3-4 but taking the old backwards K.
Shane's Bat

The offense started early in Game Two as a ten spot was on the board before Tim even took the hill. Grey Dewey managed a walk and a single in the inning before trotting off in his new baseball pants to Fenway with Dwayne (1-1 with a walk). Quirk had the unenviable task of catching for Tim, and the Renegades took a total of 11 walks, including two by Freddie.
Dewey said he would return my new pants.

This week we take on Team Mayhem (1-2-1) with hopes of clawing above .500 for the first time this season. We once again play one our seemingly home field of Cleveland Circle. Last week Mayhem lost two close games to the hated Reds.


  1. They actually lost to the not-so-hated Dot Rats.

  2. ya but its still fun to say the hated reds

  3. It's about time you got the scores in, you lazy dickweed.

    (Nah, not really. You know I like you. I'm just finding it hard to let go of the kind of verbiage that's de rigueur over on the Brighton webpage.)

    (of course, if I said "de rigueur" over there, I'd deserve to be called a dickweed, but you went to Latin, so I know I can get away with it here.)

  4. By the way, click onto the link 44 put with his name. I dare you.