Saturday, May 4, 2013

Roster (?)

As of May 4 here is what we are looking at

Dwayne C/1b - The heart and soul of the team

Shane OF - The only one capable of hitting the ball very far last year

Tim P - Can he follow up a breakout offensive season?

Doug SS - Like KG he keeps claiming he is done, and then ends up playing almost every day

Mike Rizzo IF - My typing this somehow hurt his elbow

Mike McDonald OF - Possibly the fastest man on the team at 50 years old

Dave Clegg 3b - Back from Afghanistan. Can he recover from losing a year in his prime?

Ben Czar OF - Will having Dave back be too much of a distraction?

Roly 1b - It is about time he starts hitting like the Dominican that he is.

Dewey C - Why would any team waste this much speed behind the dish? Because we can

Quirk C - Why would any team put someone this slow behind the dish? Because it's smart

Dave Delgado - A true wildcard picked up off the waiver wire

Derek Ryan - I will believe it when I see it

Jeff S - Yet another attempt by Dave and Ben to bring a friend in. This has always gone well for us.

Joe P - Will he return? Will I ever remember to call him?

Phil UT - Will the loss of Mal be too much for Phil to handle? Also, does he play any other positions that he might want to tell us about since he hid being a good OF for so damn long.

Tommy UT - Every game with Tommy Mitchell is a good game

Mario OF - Mario squeezed the last out of the last Renegades championship and makes his triumpant return

Barry OF - We needed to fill a North Shore quota.

We also have a female claiming that she wants in. Unprecedented for this team, but not for this league. 19 people sounds like a lot, but we play doubleheaders, can bat as many people as we want, and we all know what will happen as the season progresses.

First meeting is tomorrow at 9 in Southie. Then in two weeks we open against the Bombers at Cleveland Circle.

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  1. Now that I am no longer a Mid Night Zombie, I promise the team better than a three hit season. Also, the speed has picked up. I'll hold down that 11th spot. Oh yeah! See you guys Sun.