Sunday, June 2, 2013

Renegades Sweep Moe Howard

The word hero is thrown a lot these days.

But, stepping into the batter's box with his team desperate for a run, Dwayne showed himself to be just that.

After working the count full (I think) Dwayne delivered a tremendous game winning, walkoff blast to complete the sweep of Moe Howard with a 13-3 win by slaughter rule.

In all seriousness, Game One was a great 10-9 win. Tim has the book, but I know that Dave Clegg hit the ball hard, Dewey continued to be an on base machine and some of the new guys worked themselves in nicely. I also struck out, which was nice.

Dave's Other Family Misses Him

Game Two's real Player of the Game was Tim. He was handed an early lead and he knew what to do with it. He pounded the strike zone and got a lot of lazy flyballs and weak grounders to hold Moe to three runs. 

Again, Tim pitched great in the second game. Team defense continues to be an odd strength. Phil has been holding down third base like funky underarms, and having Mike M back helped shore up what was already a pretty damn good OF. Also, Quirk showed some impressive hitting again and has his average up to .286.

People struck out. People with names that rhyme. Also, we threw the ball around too much and that will come back to hurt us in later games. Also, Dwayne can no longer hit. At all. And Ben could not buy a hit despite mashing the ball today on more than one occassion. Shane's beard is more salt than pepper these days and it started to show.

No weekend off. Next weekend we take on Mayhem, who were swept this weekend by the Reds to fall to 2-2 because of opening weekend drubbings of Courtesy Flush. We already know that Quirk will be out and there is a Red Sox game, which potentially limits the availability of Dwayne and Dewey.

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