Monday, June 17, 2013


This weekend we split with the Reds.

You Shoulda Been There - We Split With This Team

Game One was a 19-5 drubbing in which the bats never really got going, and the defense let Tim down on many occasions. The only real memorable highlight that I can think of is Dave C. almost getting kicked out of the game on what I believe to have been the first batter for the Reds arguing a call. He was then threatened with worse calls, which I still do not understand.

That ball was foul!
Game Two was a 12-10 win. I really don't remember much about this game other than Shane making some diving catch(es) and Mike Rizzo running like he was Roly.

Shane seemed to find his stroke, smoking the ball on numerous occasions, even if he did not have the intended results. Mike McDonald was a calming influence on the field and bench and notched his first HR of the season, and Quirk was a trooper, catching both games. Dewey continues to get on base in roughly half of his at bats and Justin raised his average with some timely knocks.

Dwayne somehow managed to lower his .222 average to .200. Shane could not find grass with his long drives.  We had four strikeouts, including two by Roly and we found out that Joe is out for the year. Phil stayed home.

Next weekend we play the Titans, who are still undefeated after winning two by forfeit when the league's new team did not show up for the second time this season (which no doubt means they will show up the week that they play us and win two).
Our odds against the Titans?

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