Tuesday, May 19, 2015

2015 Week One - Still Don't Like Howie

We opened the 2015 with a disappointing sweep against the Reds.

In Game One, we gave up at least eight unearned runs, and by we, I mean Doug.


We lost 12-5 and our highlight was the first run of the season scored thanks to my amazing wheels, and a home run by Tommy Mitchell. We also added yet another guy named Michael, and Hanley was bringing it in the chatter department, which I loved.

Game Two was not much better, and we lost 8-5. Dewey had minor hiccups on the mound, but pitched a good game, and Mike MacDonald arrived like a knight in shining armor right before we started.

We did, however, set a new team record with I believe five double plays turned.

The full schedule has been released and it is

May 31 vs Morning Wood @ Smith 3
June 7 vs Courtesy Flush @ Smith 2
June 14 - offweek/bye
June 21  vs Moe Howard @ Smith 1
June 28 vs Titans @ Smith 2
July 5 - OFF for holiday
July 12 vs Bombers @ Smith 2

I like having the Titans and Bombers at the end, when we tend to be better, unless people have moved away.

I will see everyone in two weeks.

Current Standings (according to Sully)
Morning Wood 2 - 0
Reds 2 - 0
Titans 2 - 0
Bombers 0 - 0
Courtesy Flush 0 - 2
Renegades 0 - 2
Moe Howard 0 - 2

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