Friday, June 5, 2015

Undermanned, But Game

I have to give it to Morning Wood. They were playing with eight, and it was still competitive.

Game One had potential to be bad, as we were being no hit for I believe three innings. The perfect game was finally broken up by Dwayne, who sparked every rally all day, and then lead to some hits and runs. We eventually scored a walkoff win when Dave hit a hard line drive to left and scored some runs for the 10-9 win.

Game Two was what we have been looking for. Dewey did not pitch his best game (those guys could hit), but the bats came alive. We ended up winning by a score of 16-9. I don't remember much else, but I know we turned yet another double play, and I am sure Doug booted a ball. Also, Quirk was hitting the shit out of the ball all day, and the defense in the outfield was pretty good, especially when Dwayne moved to right.

This weekend we take on the 0-4 Courtesy Flush - a team that can hit and compete when they have enough guys. These are the current league standings, according to Tim.

Titans 2 - 0 - 25 – 16
Reds 3- 1 - 43 - 32
Morning Wood 2 - 2 - 54 - 28
Bombers 1-1 22-23
Renegades 2 - 2 36 - 38
Moe Howard 2 - 2 2 – 36
Courtesy Flush 0 -4 16 - 25

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