Sunday, April 30, 2017

Week One: Walk Off and Run

This week we opened the season 1-1 by splitting in dramatic fashion with the Bosox.

In Game One, some things happened, some people got some hits, and then we lost in the bottom of the seventh.  We all agreed it was Michael McDonald's fault.

Tim started game two, but then shrewd managing, excellent pitching, decent defense, and timely hitting lead to a walk off win.

After realigning the defense to put Tim in right, Ben at third, Gray on the hill and Dwayne behind the plate, things really turned around.

We entered the bottom of the seventh down three or four runs (I can't remember), and less than an hour until tip off of the Celtics game that Doug had tickets for (and for which he said he didn't care if we won or loss as long as the innings went quickly). After some clutch hitting by the others, Dwayne came up and roped a laser to left field that almost killed their outfielders and drove in the tying run. Doug came up with runners on first and third and, with visions of his $1,000 seats in his mind, delivered a walkoff blast (of a single), skipped the handshake line, and headed to the TD Garden like when the Sox reacquired Doug Mirabelli and he had to be escorted to the game.

Team Leaders
HR - No one.
IP - Joe (7)
BB - Doug, Ben, Rizzo (2)
Hits - Dwayne, Doug, Tim (5)
2B - Mike M, Gray, Ben, Shane (1)
3B - Justin and Rizzo (1)
RBI - Doug (4)

Other thoughts . . .

- Wow did Michael Rizzo look bad striking out twice. But he was not alone. Justin Baker and Mike Hanley struck out twice in their triumphant return to the team, and Mike McDonald also picked up a K. Laps were assigned, but not run.

- On a more positive note, Hanley played a great 1B despite being run the hell over by a man named Bam Bam.

- Joe deserved better in game one, as he pitched well enough to win

- We somehow scored 23 runs over two games without a single HR. That's Renegades softball right there. Rizzo would have had one, but he can't run anymore. At all.

- Joel texted our fearless leader at 12:59pm to inform him that he "just woke up" Willy did not respond at all.

- Heineken is still gross, but not as gross as I remembered it.

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